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Prambors FM Jakarta

Prambors FM is a 40 years old commercial radio network station from Jakarta, Indonesia. The Jakarta station is on air at frequency of 102.2 MHz FM.


Prambors is originally made ​​in a group of young peoples who could only be heard in a district of Jakarta, that is Prambanan, Mendut, Borobudur, and surrounding areas. Some members of Prambors; Imran Amir, Mursid Rustam, Malik Sjafei, Bambang Wahyudi, and Tri Tunggal, felt it necessary to gives Prambors a radio transmitter.

They also assemble a simple transmitter and all kinds of supporting devices in the bedroom of Bambang Wahyudi. Because once there has been no portable cassette or tape player, then turn table was used to play songs from the gramophone records.

In 1970, the Indonesian Government issued a new rule, that each radio must be incorporated in the form of Limited Liability Company (PT = Perseroan Terbatas) or Society Radio. Prambors also obey the rule, so it was named to PT. Radio Prambors Broadcasting Service. Certificate was later changed to PT. Radio Prambors in the era of the 80s.

Slowly, it turns out Prambors community of listeners are already have the majority of young people. The songs and broadcast material was adjusted by segmentation, the young peoples. Beginning in 1971 until 1978, Prambors was more steady in the path of a young boy, who was then as there was no rival.

Prambors also more diverse in it's products. Starting from a compilation tape, to show off air a successful Youth Song Competition Notices (LCLR = Lomba Cipta Lagu Remaja).


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